BFI London Film Festival: EVERYDAY

EVERYDAY (yes, all caps as seems to be the way everyone is writing it) is the latest film from Michael Winterbottom, the director of 24 Party People, Cock and Bull Story and the truly fantastic The Trip TV series.
Suffice to say my expectations were high going into this especially considering the inclusion of John Simm, Shirley Henderson and the intriguing idea of filming over the course of 5 years.

The story follows a family who are struggling to move on with life and cope with the absence of their father, Simm, who is incarcerated for an unspecified crime. I say story but there isn’t really a story at all. It’s more of a snapshot of life in this family and the relationship between the two parents over a certain period of time. You watch as Henderson struggles with 4 children, the boys of which are fast becoming independent and at times troublesome, trying just to get through the days bringing them up while making regular visits to their father in prison and trying to find her own identity without him. It’s certainly not a criticism that the film has no real story. In fact, that’s the film’s biggest strength; somehow the mundane becomes interesting and gripping even though its just, well, life. The lack of a script means the dialogue is very realistic and Winterbottom’s very ‘observing’ style of shooting makes for very accessible viewing, almost like you’re being invited to sit in on the family. The performances are excellent although the children, at least in the early stages, really are getting getting upset or making jokes or reacting to situations.

It’s endlessly watchable stuff and I could certainly watch another 5 years worth of the family’s life.

EVERYDAY is not getting a full theatrical release but will be shown on Channel 4 later this year so there’s no excuse not to see this. It’s free!


This past wednesday I took one of my regular trips to see Count Buckulees aka Adam Buxton down at the BFI on Southbank for another BUG show. This one was different than the normal show though as it was themed around electronic nerdist and professional baldy Moby. Now I’m not the worlds biggest Moby fan but I like a few of his earlier songs and I do remember that ‘Porcelain’ from his ‘Play’ LP in 1999 was the first ever mp3 I downloaded on my Bondi Blue iMac(nostalgia!).

It turned out to be a fantastic show with Adam on his usual top form and Moby’s range of very creative music videos looking fantastic on the big screen. Moby was also the first guest I’d seen who wasn’t one of Adam’s friends that got completely into the slightly mad spirit of the show and Adam’s sense of humor. He dived in head first, cracking jokes and playing along with Adam’s amusing wiffles. Then when Adam asked if he wanted to sit back down he insisted on staying on stage and joining in the last lot of YouTube comments with Buckles. And for that he definitely went up in my estimation.

There were plenty of good videos but one really stood out for me and that was the incredible one for new single ‘The Day’ featuring Heather Graham and directed by Evan Bernard. It works very well with what is quite a powerful song so make sure watch it in HD and full screen.